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a   b   c   d  
 X3 +    X2 +    X +   = 0 
Results :
X1 = 
X2 = 
X3 = 

Quadratic Equation Calculator

a     b     c    
X2  +   X   +   =  0 
Results :
X1 = 
X2 = 

Simple Equation Calculator

a   b  
X    +    = 0 
Results :
X = 

Equation Calculator

In algebra, there are many equations to be found. An equation in general is a mathematical statement that declares the correspondence or equality of 2 terms. They contain the terms that are required to be equal on both opposite sides of the equal sign. Should the terms not be equal, then the equation you have answered or tried to solve is likely to be wrong.

A quadratic equation is considered to be a polynomial equation that is part of the second degree. The simple and broad form of this equation can be “ax²+bx+c=0”, where a, b, and c are constants and x a variable. This is an equation wherein one or more of the expressions are squared but increased to no higher power.

The algebra equation calculator is a good calculator for those who want the easy way out of those hard and troublesome formula and equations. This can be useful for those who want to solve the dilemma of homework in school as well as in real life situations such as in jobs.

The Equation Calculator is composed of three equations, a simple equation calculator, and two quadratic equation calculators, the other quadratic longer than the other. The simple equation calculator has only 2 boxes labeling it “a” and “b”, it has only one answer which is x. The longer quadratic equation calculator has 4 boxes in it labeling it “a”, ”b”, ”c”, and “d”, it comprises of 4 answers which is x1, x2, x3. Lastly, is the shorter quadratic equation calculator which consists of 3 boxes labeling is “a”, “b” and “c”, it has the result box which are x1 and x2.

To make The Equation Calculator work, you first must choose the type of equation you want to be solved or answered. Once you have picked the equation, you then must enter the numbers in the boxes. For example, you choose the second quadratic equation which is the shorter version. Then you enter the three digits in each box. The first digit in the 1st box before x², the second digit in the 2nd box before x, and then the third digit in the 3rd box before “= 0”. Upon clicking the calculate button you will be given the results which is 2 answers based on the shorter version of quadratic equation.

For example a student has a problem solving the equation 4x -8 =0, so he decides to use the calculator. First, he analyzes the type of equation it is and decides that it is a simple equation. So he goes to the simple The Equation Calculator. Hence enters the digit 4 in the first box right after the x. And in the second box, he enters the second digit which is 8 but in the box, you input -8 because the default equation is “_x + _ = 0”. Once clicked the calculate button, he then gets the answer in the result box which is 2. So the answer to the equation 4x-8=0 is x=2.